9 Ways to Increase Your Website’s SEO Ranking

Charleston SEOWithout your website ranking on or near the first page of the search results, you are simply getting crushed by your competition. Each day you sit back and hope that your content is getting closer to page one, the competition is working hard to make sure you drop, in fact, with new websites added daily you are losing ground simply doing nothing.

Here are 9 effective ways to increase the SEO ranking of your website from onQsites.com.

1. Start by adding fresh and relevant content often. This goes out as a signal to the search engine spiders to crawl your website often and start indexing and ranking pages.

2. Pay very close attention to the page load speeds on your website. If it takes too long to open a page, the organic traffic is leaving and never coming back. If you can not increase speeds yourself, there are plenty of tools online to help with this issue.

3. Digital marketing is all about giving your readers more in value than you take in cash. Start promoting free trial offers, special VIP services, or incentives to spread the word about your company.

4. Outbound links that connect with the right websites can have a huge positive impact on the ranking of your website. If your website is about health and fitness, link to the American Heart Association and provide useful information for your readers. Don’t worry about them leaving your website, they will appreciate you pointing them in a direction for more information.

5. Instead of bombarding the visitors of your site with articles after articles, mix up your multi-media with videos, white boards, or images.

6. How many dreaded 404 messages appear on your website? The more dead links on your website the worse your ranking. Use one of many free link checker tools online to see how many pages have dead links on your website.

7. How does your website read on a mobile device? It might look great on your home computer, but is it a mess on your phone, have you ever checked? If it is unreadable, you are certainly going to lose ranking when the spiders crawl the pages.

8. Where is the contact information on your website? Is it easy to find or buried? Google recently posted a site with easy contact information is considered to be more trustworthy in the eyes of visitors.

9. Is it easy for users to share your content? Are there social media buttons on every page? Give your SEO ranking a boost by adding these buttons for your readers to share your message.