Tips for Finding the Best Local Real Estate Agent

If you want to find the best real estate agent, stop searching online or listening to strangers on the internet, you want the best you go to the best. Go right to the source and you will discover quite easily who are the best realtors and who you might not want to be working with. By asking the following questions, states the Charleston Real Estate gurus over at Premier One, you will get a great feel for the professionalism of the real estate agent.

Charleston SC Real EstateBefore we list the questions you should be asking any local real estate agent, remember that just because you are asking questions does not mean you have to sign a contract or choose this realtor. Ask these questions at their office, via a contact form on their website, or in a Facebook chat group for local realty.

How long have you been working as a real estate agent? Are you part time or do you do this full time all week?

How many houses did you close last year, and how long did the process average for each sale?

Do you offer clients a real estate rebate for working with you when we get to the closing?

Are you available after hours and weekends or only during normal business hours during the week?

Do you have access to inspectors and real estate attorneys we can use during our time together?

Will you be taking the pictures of the house or do you have a professional photographer who comes by to stage my house?

How soon do you think that you would you be available to do an open house for us?

Do you have any current clients that you think might be interested in purchasing our house?

How will you be able to determine the price we should list our home for during this particular market?

Do you have any referrals we can contact about their experience with you as their realtor?

Do you have any awards or accommodations that I am not aware about?

How will you be promoting my house so that the majority of people get to see our house is for sale?

How soon after listing the house do you think is good for hosting the open house?

Do you have access to any financial lenders who can help us secure a better deal on a loan and lower closing costs?

These questions should give you a good idea which realtors are on their game and would do you right by having them represent you. This could be a long-term relationship, so you need to know these answers before getting involved for the long haul.