3 Reasons You Must Work with a Local Greensboro DUI Lawyers

When you have been arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence, the last thing you want to do is make the mistake of pleading guilty and taking your punishment. There are suspects who did the same as you who are getting reduced sentences because they utilized the services of local Greensboro DUI Lawyers.

Greensbor DUI LawyersHere are three reasons from Lawsmith.net on why you need to be working with a skilled DUI lawyer if you have been arrested for this offense.

1. Getting to the Truth – The biggest reason you need a skilled DUI lawyer on your side is because they will get to the truth in your case. The attorney will meet with the arresting officer and obtain a copy of the video shot when you were arrested, and any details about equipment used during the arrest. The lawyer will check that video to make certain your rights were upheld every step of the way, then they will do a check of the equipment used to determine if it has a history of false readings. Your DUI lawyer will also make sure the arresting officer has experience calibrating that particular machine.

2. Plea Bargaining on Your Behalf – If the judge rules unfavorably in your case, this is not the end of the story. Your attorney will plea bargain on your behalf to try and get the best possible outcome. Years of experience and a professional relationship with many of the court employees may help to get the charges dropped to reckless driving, which carries less as far as fines and ill allow you to still keep your driver’s license.

3. Protecting Your Financial Future – Try to go to court without a DUI lawyer and treat this like a traffic offense, and you will be paying for this for years to come. The fines that could be handed down will not only eat away at any money you have, your loss of license makes it near impossible for you to earn. Your attorney has the one job of getting these charges reduced or dismissed, so this one mistake does not cripple you financially for the rest of your life.

Your attorney only deals with these type cases and has seen the best and worst and still manages to get favorable outcomes for their clients. Now you see why it is so important that you hire a DUI attorney and let them fight on your behalf for the best possible outcome.