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top 10 clothing manufacturers in USA

There are a lot famous clothing manufacturers in USA! These manufacturers offer various specialties, from maternity wear and eco-friendly options to outdoor gear and seamless clothing.

List of top US clothing manufacturers

Here are the top 10 clothing manufacturers in the USA with their websites:

American Apparel

    • Known for: Trendy basics and casual wear
    • Specialty: Made in the USA, sustainable practices
    • Website: American Apparel

Brooks Brothers

    • Known for: Classic American style
    • Specialty: High-quality men’s and women’s clothing
    • Website: Brooks Brothers

Ralph Lauren

    • Known for: Preppy and high-end fashion
    • Specialty: Luxury lifestyle clothing and accessories
    • Website: Ralph Lauren

Hanesbrands Inc.

    • Known for: Everyday essentials like underwear and t-shirts
    • Specialty: Affordable, comfortable basics
    • Website: Hanes


    • Known for: Athletic wear and sports apparel
    • Specialty: Innovative sportswear and footwear
    • Website: Nike

Levi Strauss & Co.

    • Known for: Denim jeans and casual wear
    • Specialty: Iconic denim and quality craftsmanship
    • Website: Levi’s

VF Corporation

    • Known for: Brands like The North Face, Vans, and Timberland
    • Specialty: Outdoor and lifestyle apparel
    • Website: VF Corporation

Fruit of the Loom

    • Known for: Affordable undergarments and casual wear
    • Specialty: Basics for the whole family
    • Website: Fruit of the Loom

Under Armour

    • Known for: Performance athletic wear
    • Specialty: Sportswear with advanced technology
    • Website: Under Armour



    • Known for: Workwear and durable clothing
    • Specialty: High-quality, rugged apparel for tough environments
    • Website: Carhartt

Here are some notable clothing manufacturers in the USA:

  1. Emilia George: Specializes in stylish, functional maternity and nursing wear. Their clothing is made in the USA and has been featured in prominent publications​ .
  2. Wondery Outdoors: An outdoor lifestyle brand offering practical women’s clothing. They also support women and girls through their nonprofit, The Women’s Explorer Alliance​ .
  3. ocean+main: Based in Los Angeles, they focus on ethically made dresses, tunics, and caftans using locally sourced materials​ .
  4. Prange Apparel: Located in Nashville, TN, they produce women’s apparel such as blouses, dresses, and pants. They offer customization and have low minimum order quantities (MOQs)​ ​.
  5. USA Clothing Manufacturers: They provide a wide range of clothing, including fitness wear and kids’ clothing, using sustainable fabrics. All their clothing is made in Los Angeles​ .
  6. Urth Apparel: Known for helping startups, they offer services like fabric sourcing, design, and pattern making. They emphasize sustainability and ethical production​ ​.
  7. Good Clothing Company: Based in Fall River, MA, they focus on eco-friendly manufacturing and fair wages. They cater to both small designers and major brands​ ​.
  8. Royal Apparel: Specializes in sustainable, organic, and recycled clothing products. They offer a wide range of items and ship worldwide​ ​.
  9. Tailored Industry: Located in New York, they offer on-demand and bulk production services with no MOQs for on-demand items. They specialize in knitwear and other apparel​ ​.
  10. Nikibiki: A leader in seamless wear, offering custom clothing labels, colors, and styles. They are based in Los Angeles and focus on high-quality women’s apparel​ .

What pros between American clothing manufacturers and Chinese

Here are some pros of American apparel manufacturers compared to Chinese clothing manufacturers:

USA Clothing Manufacturers

  • Quality Control: Products are often perceived as higher quality due to stricter regulations and standards.
  • Ethical Practices: More likely to follow fair labor practices and offer better working conditions for employees.
  • Sustainability: Emphasis on environmentally friendly practices and materials.
  • Faster Turnaround: Shorter shipping times for domestic orders and quicker response to market trends.
  • Brand Perception: Made in USA” label can enhance brand value and appeal to consumers who prefer locally made products.
  • Economic Support: Supporting local manufacturers helps boost the national economy and job market.

Chinese Clothing Manufacturers

  • Cost-Effective: Generally lower production costs, leading to more affordable products.
  • Large Scale Production: Capability to handle massive orders due to extensive infrastructure and resources.
  • Flexibility: Ability to quickly adapt to different styles and designs, often leading to a wide variety of products.
  • Technological Advancements: Utilization of advanced manufacturing technologies to enhance production efficiency.
  • Global Supply Chain: Established networks for sourcing materials and distributing finished products worldwide.
  • Speed: Rapid production and ability to meet tight deadlines for large orders.

In summary, US clothing manufacturers excel in quality control, ethical practices, and brand perception, while Chinese manufacturers offer cost-effective, large-scale, and flexible production capabilities. If you decide to corporate with a Chinese apparel factory, you should find a China source company

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