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Top Custom Clothing Manufacturers in China

Custom clothing manufacturers specialize in creating apparel tailored to specific designs and requirements. Here’s a guide to working with the top 20 custom Chinese clothing manufacturers:

Benefits of Custom Clothing Manufacturing

  • Unique Designs: You can create unique pieces that stand out from standard market offerings.
  • Brand Identity: Custom clothing helps build a strong brand identity with personalized logos, private labels, and designs.
  • Perfect Fit: Custom manufacturers can produce clothing that fits specific measurements and body types.
  • Quality Control: You have more control over the materials, craftsmanship, and overall quality of the garments.

Finding Custom Clothing Manufacturers

  • Online Directories: Websites like Alibaba, Maker’s Row, and Sewport list numerous custom clothing manufacturers.
  • Industry Networks: Networking within the fashion industry can lead to recommendations and connections with reputable manufacturers.
  • Trade Shows: Events like MAGIC in Las Vegas and Texworld USA in New York are excellent for meeting apparel custom manufacturers in the USA.
  • Sourcing Agents: Hiring a sourcing agent can simplify the process of finding and negotiating with custom manufacturers.

Key Considerations

  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): Custom manufacturers often have higher MOQs due to the complexity and cost of creating unique designs.
  • Prototyping and Sampling: Always request prototypes or samples before committing to a full production run to ensure the final product meets your standards.
  • Material Selection: Choose materials carefully, considering factors like durability, comfort, and cost.
  • Communication: Clear and detailed communication about your design specifications, timeline, and expectations is crucial.
  • Lead Time: Custom manufacturing can take longer than standard production, so plan your timelines accordingly.

Steps to Start

  • Define Your Requirements: Clearly outline your design, fabric, color, sizing, and any other specifications.
  • Research Manufacturers: Look for manufacturers with experience in producing the type of custom clothing you need.
  • Contact and Compare: Reach out to multiple manufacturers to compare their offerings, prices, MOQs, and lead times.
  • Request Samples: Ask for samples to evaluate the quality of their work.
  • Place an Order: Once satisfied with a sample, place a small initial order to test the manufacturer’s reliability and quality.
  • Quality Control: Implement regular quality control checks during production to ensure consistency.

Tips for Success

  • Detailed Tech Packs: Provide detailed technical packages that include all design specifications, measurements, materials, and any other necessary information.
  • Contracts: Have clear contracts that outline terms, timelines, quality standards, and payment schedules
  • Build Relationships: Establish good relationships with manufacturers for better communication and smoother processes.

List of best Clothing Manufacturers in China

Here are some of the top 20 clothing manufacturers in China, known for their quality and production capabilities:

Shenzhen Global Weiye Clothing Co., Ltd.[1]

They manufactures high-quality T-shirts, polo shirts, and baby clothes. They offer one-stop customization, handling everything from processing cotton yarns to final shipping, ensuring products meet customer specifications with custom colors, sizes, patterns, logos, and thorough quality inspection.

Jiangsu Sunshine Co., Ltd.[2]

Jiangsu Sunshine Group, founded in 1986, employs over 15,000 people. It operates in wool textiles, garments, biological pharmacy, real estate, thermal electricity, and new energy. Known for its “Sunshine” brand, it’s the largest wool textile manufacturer globally and a leading high-grade apparel producer, achieving significant sales and innovations.

Shandong Ruyi Technology Group Co., Ltd.[3]

Known for producing high-quality fabrics and garments.

Hubei Yijinmei Garment Co., Ltd.[4]

Specializes in workwear, uniforms, and outdoor clothing.

Esquel Group[5]

One of the world’s largest producers of cotton shirts.

Shenzhou International Group Holdings Ltd.[6]

Major supplier for brands like Nike, Adidas, and Uniqlo.

Shenzhou International is a globally inspired apparel manufacturer with an East Asian heritage. Boasting over 92,000 employees and an annual productive capacity exceeding 250,000 metric tons of fabric and 550,000,000 garments, we work closely with NIKE, UNIQLO, adidas, PUMA, lululemon, and many others to democratize high-end activewear, athleisure wear, and casual wear. To this end, we strategically established production bases in Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Ningbo and Anhui, China; and Ho Chi Minh City and Tây Ninh, Vietnam. Apparel products from these bases are widely distributed across Asia, Europe, the Americas, and other regions of the world.

Youngor Group Co., Ltd. [7]

Focuses on men’s business attire and casual wear.

TAL Apparel Limited [8]

TAL Apparel Limited

Produces shirts for brands like Brooks Brothers and Tommy Hilfiger.

Fujian Septwolves Industry Co., Ltd. [9]

Known for men’s apparel, particularly jackets and outerwear.

Bosideng International Holdings Limited [10]

Founded in 1976, Bosideng Group aims to be the leading down apparel expert. Known for brands like Bosideng, Snow Flying, and Bengen, the Group also offers ladieswear and school uniforms. With a focus on brand development, Bosideng strives to upgrade products and channels, aiming to become a respected global apparel group.

HLA Corporation [11]

A major player in men’s casual and business attire.

Anta Sports Products Limited [12]

Leading sportswear manufacturer.

Li-Ning Company Limited [13]

Li Ning Company Limited is a leading sports brand in China, offering professional and leisure footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories under the LI-NING brand. With strong capabilities in marketing, R&D, design, manufacturing, distribution, and retail, the company aims to become a world-leading, stylish sports brand.

Peak Sport Products Co., Limited [14]

Known for its sportswear and equipment.

Xtep International Holdings Limited [15]

Specializes in athletic and casual wear.

Metersbonwe Group [16]

Popular for casual and trendy youth clothing manufacturer.

Hengli Group [17]

Focuses on textiles and apparel manufacturing.

Hodo Group [18]

HOdo Group, founded in 1957, employs nearly 30,000 people and ranks 80th in China’s manufacturing strength. Specializing in clothing, tires, and pharmaceuticals, HOdo has overseas branches and co-developed the Sihanoukville Special Economy Zone in Cambodia. Renowned for brand value, innovation, and social responsibility, HOdo aims to achieve “100 billion HOdo, Smart HOdo, Happy HOdo, Centennial HOdo.”

Anhui Huamao Group [19]

Founded in 1958, Anhui Huamao Group Co., Ltd. is a leading textile enterprise with assets exceeding ten billion Yuan. It produces high-grade yarns and greige cloth, recognized for quality and competitiveness. Huamao has diversified into financial assets and is implementing the “Made in China 2025” strategy to enhance innovation and global expansion.

Beijing Dayang Group [20]

Dayang Group, with 39 years of expertise, is the global leader in the Made-To-Measure (MTM) garment market. Renowned for high-quality men’s suits, it evolved from a small workshop to a top MTM and Ready-to-Wear manufacturer. Known for reliability, Dayang also developed an intelligent online ordering platform, serving global customers.

These manufacturers offer a wide range of apparel, from basic garments to high-end fashion, catering to various markets worldwide.

Choosing Between Clothing Manufacturers in China and the USA

How to find a right clothing manufacturer between us clothing manufacturers and China.

Pros of Chinese Manufacturers:

  • Cost-Effective Production: Lower labor and material costs.
  • High Production Capacity: Handles large orders.
  • Wide Range of Products: Versatility in producing various types of clothing.
  • Advanced Technology: Many factories use modern machinery.
  • Experienced Workforce: Decades of experience in the industry.

Cons of Chinese Manufacturers:

  • Quality Control: Requires strict monitoring and regular inspections.
  • Communication Barriers: Language and cultural differences.
  • Longer Lead Times: Shipping times from China can be lengthy.
  • Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ): Often higher MOQs.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Concerns: Risk of design and brand imitation.

Pros of USA Manufacturers:

  • Higher Quality Standards: Strict quality control measures.
  • Faster Turnaround: Shorter lead times within the country.
  • Easier Communication: No significant language barriers.
  • Lower MOQs: Accommodates smaller businesses and startups.
  • Support for Local Economy: Contributes to domestic economic growth.

Cons of USA Manufacturers:

  • Higher Costs: More expensive production due to higher labor and material costs.
  • Limited Production Capacity: May not handle very large orders efficiently.
  • Less Variety: Fewer options for specialized manufacturing techniques and materials.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Stricter regulations can slow down the production process.
  • Geographic Limitations: Limited to domestic markets unless international shipping is arranged.


  • Chinese Manufacturers: Ideal for large-scale production and cost-effective manufacturing. Best for businesses that can manage quality control and communication challenges.
  • USA Manufacturers: Suitable for businesses prioritizing quality, faster turnaround, and supporting the local economy. Better for small businesses and startups needing lower MOQs and easier communication.

Choosing the right manufacturer depends on your business needs such as bulk order, budget, and production scale. Balancing these Chinese apparel factors will help you make the best decision for your clothing line.


  • Who is the biggest apparel manufacturer in China?
    One of China’s largest apparel manufacturers, specializing in men’s and women’s clothing with a focus on top quality products and innovation. 3. Shandong Ruyi Group: A diversified fashion group with a portfolio of brands and manufacturing capabilities across various segments of the fashion
  • Is it cheap to manufacture clothes in China?
    China is undeniably one of the most popular countries when it comes to manufacturing and exporting goods that are not only cheap but also unique and high-quality. For years, the country has exported products around the globe, and many businesses deal with manufacturers within the country for these
  • What is the best country to manufacture clothes?
    China, Vietnam, India, Turkey, United States
  • Where are the garment factories in China?
    Guangzhou is the largest garment production base in China, has a complete garment industry chain. For example, outside of D exit of the Datang Metor Station, there is a town full of garment
  • What is the best website to buy wholesale from China?
    The best Chinese wholesale websites include Alibaba, AliExpress, DHgate,,, Global Sources, and HKTDC
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